Chris Charteris


24 May - 07 June 2016

An exhibition of sculpture and jewellery by some of New Zealand's finest artists working in stone:  Brendon Monson, Chris Charteris, Craig McIntosh, Joe Sheehan, John Edgar, Justin Reichs, Peter Deckers and Trevor Byron.  Also featuring prominent Australian contemporary jeweller Johannes Kuhnen.

GROUNDED explores the diversity of work by a group of exceptional contemporary artists working with stone.

Joe Sheehan’s jade objects speak firstly about their object status and secondly about their material.

By contrast, the work of Johannes Kuhnen, Craig McIntosh, Brendon Monson and Peter Deckers employ stone as a medium for exploration and the extension of work practice.

Kuhnen has said:

While sourced from the landscape, these works are not of the landscape…

John Edgar’s work is clearly about the environment and the land; a balance of concept, material and process. He says:

These slices of the land are revelations of how intimately the environment meshes. How seamless are the interrelationships of earth and sky, land and sea, heaven and earth, black and white? The convergence of the two into one.

 The work of Chris Charteris explores culture and identity; the past and the present, while the work of Trevor Byron and Justin Reichs is narrative. Byron references NZ West Coast experiences relating to discarded pounamu and history and Reichs’ speaks of observations in his everyday life.

All have a deep love and respect for the stone they use in their work.



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