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Ben Pearce - A Savage Mime

13 - 27 August 2016

In his latest exhibition, A Savage Mime, sculptor Ben Pearce explores the treacherous landscape of memory. 

The series of works appear precariously stacked as if by some hidden force, an ominous undertone suggesting some kind of danger.

Pearce’s work feels like it is reaching out to us, asking for help: to right the skewed, to repair the broken or to support the heavy.

“I’ve always been perturbed by mimes.  The first time I saw one as a child, I felt scared that there may be things in this world that are unseen.  Now as an artist I feel that it is a central part of my role to make visible emotions, experiences and situations that are impossible to see.

Mimes always seem so vacant yet their process is to act out tragedies or expose physical objects, both often humorously.

The ‘savage’ which I allude to in my title represents the savageness of memory; how it is warped by emotion and time.

Ultimately I’m bringing together a sense of calm and calamity in the same space.  I feel most comfortable when I’ve got an equal balance of both in a work.”


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