Adrienne Riseley

Born and raised in Lower Hutt and with her art studies completed at Otago School of Fine Arts, Adrienne Riseley has since lived the majority of her adult life in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. She is married to a Swede and has two teenage children. There, she has gained recognition as a well respected ceramic artist. She has held solo exhibitions and been included in a number of collaborative shows in Sweden, France, USA, and Finland as well as receiving numerous state and private grants. Many of her works can now be seen in public spaces around Sweden.

Adrienne’s work often reflects a life of constant adjustment on the one hand and grasping after cultural and social identity on the other. Adjusting, as a way of belonging, can mean the difference between survival and demise. In her work, we can glean a sense of discomfort in this state of constant change and a recognition that in the end the self always seeks true expression.



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