VM Fancy Pants

Victoria McIntosh - Fancy Pants

09 - 30 September 2017



This exhibition of work by Victoria McIntosh was developed during her time as the 2017 Caselberg Trust Artist-in-Residence.

McIntosh’ art practice is influenced by her training as a jeweller and “…old school feminist ideals”. Her work weaves between the often blurred boundaries of art and craft, taking the form of small scale, soft sculpture and assemblage. As with jewellery, it is always informed by the body which can be both site and subject for her work.

The vintage pieces in Fancy Pants honour the concept of “Mother” but are also a critique of being raised in the cultural values of the 1950s. The re-constructed and transformed pieces raise questions about our history, the way we are brought up, how we define femininity and the frameworks and boundaries that culture imposes on girls and women.

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