Tatjana and Peter Panyoczki

In their first major collaborative exhibition together, Tatjana and Peter Panyoczki have re-interpreted a concept made famous by American literary figure Gertrude Stein to create exquisite works of art from one of the world’s most common and oft-used forms.

 It’s just over 100 years now since Stein, one of the 20th Century’s foremost collectors of modernist art, first used the phrase: “A rose is a rose is a rose”.

 For Peter, an internationally acclaimed painter, sculptor and filmmaker and his wife Tatjana, one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary jewellery artists, Stein’s words found strong resonance.

 Despite having their own quite separate and diverse art practices, they found inspiration for a collaborative show from one simple thing they both had in common – the many boxes of various shapes and sizes that were an integral part of their everyday lives.

ABOXISABOXISABOX explores the notion that a box, once reduced to its most basic form, is capable of taking on a whole new meaning.

 “A couple living and working together is creating its own sphere, a little universe, a box”, says Tatjana.

 “By experimenting to amalgamate our diverse practices, we found surprising results that would not happen when working alone. The cross fertilization of ideas and techniques opened new avenues to explore.

Born in Zürich, Tatjana Panyoczki is one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary jewellery artists. She has exhibited in Switzerland, Hungary, Australia and throughout New Zealand.  Her work is held in both international and national collections. 

 Budapest-born Peter Panyoczki has exhibited widely in Europe, Asia and North America. He is currently completing a major public art commission in Lucerne and a monograph on his career is due to be published next year.