Stephen Bradbourne

Stephen Bradbourne majored in ceramics at Carrington Polytech (Unitec), Auckland, graduating in 1991 with a Diploma in Craft Design.   Within six months, he was offered a job at Gary Nash’s hot glass studio in Ponsonby, where he  learnt to blow glass under the guidance of one of New Zealand’s best glass blowers.  This intense production situation gave Stephen the opportunity to learn first hand the full range of techniques that were used in the studio, and he credits his experience at that studio for  most of what he knows about glassblowing.

In 1994 Stephen  attended a glassblowing workshop in Melbourne, held by American glass artists Dick Marquis and Dante Marioni, both expert in Italian style techniques and ways of working.  This turned Stephen on to a whole new world of glass, and at this point he decided to focus on the "murrine" technique as a starting point for all future work. 

Over the next decade he continued working with Gary Nash, allowing him to consolidate his skills and extend his knowledge.  During this time there were visits by other notable American glass artists: Stephen Powell, Joel Phillip Meyers, Billy Morris, Karen Willinbrink and Randy Walker. Watching and assisting these artists was a great opportunity to further develop and refine his technique and skills. In 2005 Stephen left Gary Nash’s studio to fully focus on his own work specializing in murrine, mosaic and cane hotglass techniques, for which he is becoming so well known.

Stephen has had work selected for many exhibitions including the prestigious "Southern Exposure" exhibition of New Zealand glass, at the Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark in 2004-2005

Stephen's work was selected on behalf of the Prime Minister John Key and Mrs Bronagh Key to give to Their Majesties King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia of Spain on their recent state visit to New Zealand.  

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