Peter McKay

 McKay’s observation of nature, and his skill as a jeweller are reflected in his brooches. The subject may be as simple as an albatross gliding over the sea, yet the image is endlessly rewarding in the detail of shadow, ocean surface and light.

His Metaphysical Hearts series of brooches illustrate jewellery’s potential for narrative, a story told to the audience by the artist. Worked up each year, and running now for over a decade, they are scenes from an ambiguous tale, linked by format (the heart frame), technique, and the recurrence of characters and images. The characters and story-lines appear and disappear over time, and there is no ostensible end. If it was a movie, the Metaphysical Hearts series would be art house, maybe Italian, since De Chirico’s proto-surrealist paintings of empty streets, rich with the threat of unseen action, are a touchstone that McKay cites to explain these works.

His simple bird and fish brooches also appeal, on a very direct level requiring no explanation at all.

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