Penelope Barnhill

Penelope Barnhill completed a Diploma in Visual Communications/Craft Design in 1990.  A QEII Arts Council Grant in 1993 enabled her to purchase equipment enabling her to work as a full-time jeweller.  

Her jewellery is delicate, feminine and romantic, incorporating religious symbolism and Pacific influences. 

Penelope uses gold, silver, precious and semi precious stones, glass, dried roses and other materials to translate her feelings, emotions and memories into lovely desirable pieces.

"Recurring symbols and words are talismans in my work.  Among them the rose as a symbol for woman, for love, for beauty or in a memorial garden; the cross for me is a quiet contemplation, stillness, a death or clean start (in my work it is not used as a religious symbol, but as a beacon that halts);  the heart, used for both its simple and complex paradox.  Botanical elements are important too.  I enjoy remembering the old meaning in flowers.  These shapes seem to ground me." 
Penelope Barnhill, Auckland 2007


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