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Tatjana Panyoczki - Vestige

11 - 25 November 2017

This body of work is an investigation of my personal and private journey through grief.


The process began with my father’s diagnosis of cancer. He was given a couple of months at best. In the months that followed, we, as a family were learning to deal with the short time we had left with this wonderful man! Then tragedy struck again, when my parents house completely burned to the ground, leaving them with nothing, but each other and their dog who saved them.


After the fire, we returned to where the house once stood. I found myself desperately sifting through the ashes, in hope of retrieving something of significance. Nothing was in its original state. I became increasingly intrigued with some found objects in their new form; the beauty of textures and colours, things that had fallen on top of each other and amalgamated into new aesthetic shapes. It was fascinating to see what happens to materials that surpass extreme heat. We discovered my mother’s jewellery or what was left of it. Amongst the clumps of molten mass, some remnants of my pieces I had given her over the years. My once clean lines, now organic, biomorphic fragments, with exquisite surfaces and matt charred colouring.


We found tools coated in glass with nails sticking out, cameras merged with blobs of aluminium, pins, scissors and bracing united into looking like something out of a torture chamber. My father’s coin collection….


Vestiges, traces of something that no longer exists led to these works. The creative process helped me though a very difficult time. The constant reminder of my relationship to objects and what they evoke can sometimes be overwhelming but at the same time gives me immense pleasure.


The memories are so strong and everlasting.


Kaiwaka, October 2017


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