Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell initially trained as a production potter. He began a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Whanganui Polytechnic School of the arts in1998, completing his degree in Otago and graduating in 2002. For a number of years he was Pottery Tutor at Hungry Creek Art School before giving up teaching to concentrate on his own art practice. He has undertaken residencies in both China and Japan.

Mitchell's recent work focusses on producing slab built, press-moulded forms, working within the context of the vessel. His exploration of surface design and pattern using oxides and terra sigillatta is grounded in a New Zealand and Pacific landscape.

My interest lies predominantly with the vessel as an archetypal form, combined with the rich and long history of decorative arts. I use pattern to create illusionary planes to explore the boundary between surface and form and how the two relate.

Mitchell was the Premier Award Winner at the prestigious Portage Ceramic Awards in 2019.