Lynn Kelly

Lynn’s lifelong interest in plants has influenced much of the jewellery she creates – especially New Zealand native flora.  Her leaf shaped brooches represent the trees and depict the areas where they are found. 

Curiosity about the connection between superstition and jewellery (historically, jewellery was worn as protection) led Lynn to create charm bracelets such as “The Pohutukawa Flowering Early Leads to a Long Hot Summer”, “a Stitch in Time” and “Red Sky at Night”. 

The “Magpie Necklace” (one for sadness, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy) comprises four strands which may be worn together or one at a time.  Each rubber strand holds one or more of the silver components which go to make up the rhyme.  “…sadness…” is reflected by a small pearl.  

Lynn's jewellery features in many private and public collections, including Te Papa Tongarewa, (New Zealand's national museum) and the Dowse Art Museum. 

In 2007, Lynn won the Thomas Gold award, at the New Dowse art museum in Lower Hutt. (See:Dowse article)         

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