John Roy

John Roy trained at Wanganui Polytechnic, graduating in 1997 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts majoring in ceramics.  Since then he has become a prominent New Zealand ceramicist, who "has determinedly stuck with ceramics and successfully pushed the boundaries of the medium and, over the last few years, has also created multi-part works that have occupied spaces in unexpected ways" (Donson, 2012).

John completed a 3 month residency at the Tylee Cottage in Wanganui in April 2011, which led to a post-residency exhibition at the Sarjeant Gallery.

Based in Tauranga, John creates work that revolves around iconic forms, and the social memory built around them; "Decorative, figurative ceramics depict the typically beautiful and are precious, valuable items.  I like playing with those ideas of value and beauty" 


John's work is held in a number of public collections including the Auckland War Memorial Museum, James Wallace Arts Trust collection, Tauranga Art Gallery, and the Waikato Museum and Art Gallery. He has also won multiple awards, including the Premier Award at the New Zealand Society of Potters Exhibition in 2004, Supreme Award at the Waiheke Ceramics Award in 2004, and the Non-Functional Object Award at the New Zealand Society of Potters Exhibition in 2006.