John Edgar

One of New Zealand’s self-taught artists, John Edgar has always retained strong links with, and a passion for the environment, his thoughts reflecting what we do with it and the damage we cause it.   Working in stone for twenty years and more, John is a master of his craft, his technique and abilities outstanding. 

Currently working on larger pieces, John continues to make the small and beautiful inlaid stones which are much sought by collectors of his work – the  ‘lightstones’ being especially appealing.  The body of these stones is made from greywacke, serpentine or granite and inlaid with bands of glass giving a wonderful play of light through a solid object. 

John was involved in ‘Bone Stone Shell’, the 1988 exhibition permanently housed with Te Papa Tongarewa.  Many of John’s pieces are in public and private collections both in New Zealand and abroad.

"For thirty years I have been trying to make good sense in my art.  I have attempted to imbue my work with both the essence of the mountain, the river and the vast array of knowledge that is available to us in the 21st century.  It's a difficult task to teach a stone to talk.  But if you listen carefully you might just catch a word or two."  John Edgar, 2006


The National Business Review recently listed John Edgar as one of the names to consider when investing in applied art. 

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