John Dawson

John Dawson left New Zealand in the early 1970's to study organ and harpsichord at the Trinity College of Music in London. He graduated in1975 and worked as a professional musician with a particular interest in Baroque music. Nearly twenty years later John launched a second career based on an early interest in ceramics which had begun in New Zealand. In 1993 he graduated with a postgraduate Diploma in Ceramics from Goldsmith College, London.

John's works are included in international art collections and have been accepted into many prestigious events, including the Chelsea Craft Fair, London Potters Exhibition, and Fletcher Challenge International Ceramics Award.

John lives in the UK, where he continues to teach ceramics at Holloway Women's Prison, London, and Putney School of Art, London.  He exhibits and sells his work in many galleries throughout the UK, including Contemporary Ceramics, the Craft Potters Association gallery in London. 

Since 2000, John has been returning to New Zealand annually to visit family, to work and exhibit locally.

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