Hana Rakena


"Like the geological effects of water and wind on rock, I am interested in leaving a history of the forming of my ceramics in the surface and shape of each piece. Through the building up and scouring back, scraping, smoothing, and hardening to stoneware in the flames of the kiln.

I hand build with a sculptural clay from Abbortsford, near Dunedin. This clay fires to beautiful warm earthy colours, and has a gritty consistency which leaves directional marks when I scrape back and refine the work.

I am constantly aiming for clarity of form, generous volumes, and an organic 'unearthed' feel with my ceramics. Over time I recognize qualities I admire and aspire to in my work, the maori concept of ihi meaning presence, essential force and sacredness sums up my ideal."

Hana Rakena

Christchurch 2009


For more information about Hana, please contact us at the gallery.

See also Hana's website: www.hanarakena.com