Giles Speeden

Giles grew up in the Hawke's Bay countryside, moving at the age of 18 to Wellington where he studied Media, Design, and Philosophy papers at Victoria University, attaining a Bachelor of Arts. He spent several years working in a colourful variety of jobs before returning to study, completing a Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design at Natcoll.


During his time in Wellington he produced finely detailed stencils, honing his technical cutting abilities. Amidst the stencil cutting he developed his technique for cutting images into books. It allowed him to produce complex art from recycled old books. Over the years he has experimented with new cutting styles and techniques, opening up a hitherto unknown world of opportunities.

The success of his distinctive artform results from the combination of skilful cutting, careful selection of the image and the element of surprise when opening an old fashioned hardback book