Fired & Found - Bronwynne Cornish, Lauren Lysaght, Vivien Atkinson

01 - 15 July 2017

Three women artists present work exploring ideas around women in art, legend and everyday life.


Bronwynne Cornish - Sirenes and Harpies

Half women, half bird, endowed with enchanting voices, they lured sailors to the shore with their song, and devoured them...

Lauren Lysaght - – The Walhnutu (Ancient word for Walnut) 

... I really believe that everyday Women live knowing that their heads could be cracked open- metaphorically and literally. So these new works are a tribute to all those Women I know.


Vivien Atkinson - Confabulations 

There was a time when the gleaming, silver-plated teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug stood on their silver-plated tray in the china cabinet among the ornaments and the delicate porcelain cups and saucers.  Orphaned on charity shop shelves.

Pots and pans in daily use, grabbed from cupboard or drawer, filled, stirred, baked - a kitchen filled with chatter and comfort.  Once smart, light-weight aluminium tainted with the rumour of Alzheimers and tin with its propensity to rust, now unwanted inheritance.

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