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Debbie Adamson - Accumulations of plastic matter

13 - 27 August 2016


Artist Statement:

 I live and work on an island that straddles fault lines, is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and was quite recently colonized. Like many people inhabiting this place, I have a strong, somewhat contradictory, connection to the landscape (or imagined versions of it) and this permeates my work.

 I make things so I can see and feel them, gravitating towards bold and generous forms, and like to experiment with process, looking for a transformation of sorts. I work a lot with synthetic materials because they are part of a landscape we often forget - I wonder what stories they tell of us now and in time to come?

 Accumulations of plastic matter started in response to a questioning of materials and their lifespan, as well as a solution to a very real problem in the workshop. I have been using plastic for a couple of years now and, much like a traditional goldsmith would collect the filings of precious metals, found myself accumulating offcuts, dust and detritus leftover from various projects.

Concurrently I began to look at and think a bit more about the inherent consequences of the material I’ve been using - it’s production, degradation, and impact on the environment. As it ages, plastic breaks down into tiny particles, and though there is some debate around notions of the anthropocene, it seems to be widely accepted that plastic is somehow emblematic of the current consumer age - a shining example of success and shortcomings entangled in one.

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