Bifei Cao Shoulder by shoulder

Bifei Cao - Limen

31 July - 14 August 2018

Cao is an artist and contemporary jeweller who has exhibited extensively at an international level. He is currently Associate Professor at the School of Art and Design, Guangdong University of Technology in Guangzhou, China and is currently the Wellington Asia Residency Exchange (WARE) artist in residence at Te Auaha.

There are fragments, being natural or cultural, relational or personal, historical and temporal. I tried to capture these fragments and differences between locations and cultures. The negotiation between these dual parts of culture allowed me to suture my experiences together, just as I sutured the elements of my objects together.

Drawn from cross joint construction of cultural structures, I created those natural forms to emphasize both my understanding of relationship of nature and culture. By comparing the differences between locations and cultures, I think of myself as being in a “limen” situation.

Bifei Cao

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