Barry Clarke

Barry is a well established artist and jeweller, living and working in Christchurch.  He has exhibited at AVID over many years.

"He started his career as a painter, fascinated by the St Ives school – both a geographical place, and a philosophy of art making that impacted a number of different art forms in the middle of the 20th century in Britain.  Such a varied movement is hard to summarise, but it was based in nature, sympathetic to abstracted forms, to that which might be called primitive, to the hand-made and the humble.  Here are all the roots of Clarke’s jewellery: images that seem primitive, unsophisticated; a lively interest in texture; a painterly effect as gold is laid over silver.  St Ives doesn’t explain Clarke’s work, but it provides a starting point for thinking about it.  Old sea dog gives way to engaged artist."  (Damian Skinner, 2004)

Barry produces sculpture in bronze and silver, and paintings on tin and wood, as well as jewellery. 

            For more information about Barry Clarke, please contact us at the gallery.