Andrea Daly

The core interest that seems to repeatedly emerge in Andrea's work is a fascination with what we believe to be reality, and how this impacts on us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Andrea is fascinated by the rules and ideologies we establish and adopt through culture, philosophy, religion and science to try to control and explain life.

She tells stories through her work that are driven by these interests.  A work can simply be influenced by ideas such as touch, surface, form, desire, or it may use specific materials, scale, body placement and reference chosen symbols to introduce a story. Her intention always is that the work is only the beginning and the viewer/owner will continue the narration.

Andrea studied in Australia at Sydney College of the Arts and completed an undergraduate Bachelor and Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts, majoring in Contemporary Jewellery, and later went on to complete a Masters in Philosophy, majoring in Art History at Auckland University.  She has taught numerous night courses, weekend workshops and guest lecturer spots as well as being a lecturer at Manukau Institute of Technology in the Visual Arts Degree.

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