Alice Rose

Although born in Australia in 1961, Alice Rose spent much of her life in England. It was there that she studied Art and Design in Ceramics at Medway College of Art in Rochester, Kent.

For a number of years she worked as a commercial artist before moving to New Zealand and eventually settling in Dunedin. It was this training in the technique of creating 3 Dimensional illusions that has inspired her current work in ceramics.

Whilst making and decorating I am drawing in the air with clay then painting a picture of a pot. Consequently the piece has one ideal point of view. The use of light and dark, pattern and colour has been applied to slab, coiled, cast or thrown and flattened vessels. I use white or red clays as my 'canvas' to draw and paint on, furthering the illusion of roundness.

I have focused on the pottery depicted in still-life painting, drawings and photographs. In these Still-life pieces, I have brought the vessel out from the 2 dimensional plane and made it 3 dimensional again. This brings with it a degree of distortion and the illusion of depth applied to the flattened form. It is a 3 dimensional painting of a vessel.

Alice Rose 2009


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