Alan Preston

Alan Preston was one of the first contemporary New Zealand jewellers to use Pacific influences and expression in his work, and the works he makes today continue to reflect his interest in Pacific adornment.

His knowledge and ability in the cutting of shell enables him to produce beautiful wearable art works, and places his work in the historical context of New Zealand contemporary jewellery.

Using gold and black lipped oyster shell, paua and vau (hibiscus bark fibre) Alan creates breastplates, bangles, necklaces, brooches and earrings.  He uses the positive and negative aspects when cutting shell so that often the cut out brooch will also produce a bangle.

Alan Preston also produces works in Tahitian pearls, gold and silver stone and other media.  His "Startled Kiwi” brooches have become a true New Zealand icon.

Made in Aotearoa - a retrospective exhibition of Alan's work was one of the inaugural exhibitions in June 2007 at TheNewDowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt.

Alan lives and works in Auckland.  He is the inaugural recipient of the Deane Award for Decorative Arts.

A survey of Alan's life and work, Between Tidesby Damian Skinner was published in December 2008 by Godwit.

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